Basic Farm Membership

Basic Farm Membership



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Basic Farm Membership

A farm membership with Front Step Farms, Inc. provides the farm with a commitment for 2024 that you will be a customer on a basis that you are most comfortable, of course the more you purchase the membership becomes less if you where to only purchase once online for pick up or delivery of our food boxes, our offering in 2024 will be extensive and our intentions are to grow a wide variety from April to December of 2024. We have a created many different products over the last 15-20 years and we will be having them produced at a Federally Inspected Plant to ensure the highest adherences to food safety that you expect yourself and your family to be able to eat with trust that you food is being produce in ethical and responsible ways. The produce that will be available will be individually priced and you can build you custom purchase when ever you want, there will be standard pick up or delivery days for each area, you are welcome to visit our Virgil Farm during regular business hours or by after hours appointment if you can’t visit because of distance. Our Vaughan Farm Retail will not be opened for at least a few years while Kirby Road is being constructed, we did lose the home and market area to the City of Vaughan for their intended progress of improving traffic flows around the area of our farm.  We are ready to be one of your top choices for food, we are excited to implement all our lessons of the last many decades so you can enjoy being part of the #localfoodconversation that we dedicated ourselves nearly twenty years ago when by hand and foot we planted our first pumpkins in 2005 on Dufferin St. and King Vaughan Line, we have been blessed with being able to farm and look forward to doing so for many years into the future. We will return your membership fee in a timely manner if you are not satisfied in 2024 with our commitment to you as a customer!



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