Farming in both Niagara and York Regions!

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We can farm due to your support and dedication to local food!

Our new greenhouse production for 2021 in Niagara-on-the-Lake


We have carefully considered the current landscape of box delivery programs available to consumers due to COVID-19.

We believe that flexibility is the best option for our customers and the farm, therefore we will not be requiring payments for a 10 or 20 week program in advance.

What we are doing is asking those interested to submit their contact information to learn from us if joining our farm membership is an option for them.

Our plan is to establish every Monday by noon what we will have in a box and communicate that to the membership. An order and payment at the price established for that week will be required by Wednesday at noon for pick ups or deliveries arranged for Thursday, Friday or Saturday.

Pick up locations in the GTA will be determined that will be more convenient in 2021. Deliveries will be at an extra cost and priced based on location of member residence or business.

A nominal annual membership fee will be discussed when we contact you, you have no obligation to join the membership or pay for any week until you make that decision.

  • Fresh vegetables
  • Fresh fruit
  • Herbs
farm fresh

Our Mission:

Front Step Farms, Inc. to produce products in a viable way.

How We Grow:

We embrace cultural techniques that we can rely upon as farmers to be viable.  We employ traditional conventional farming, organic practices and pesticide free techniques.  We are not certified organic or make any claims to be, we will inform you of any methods used to produce products from our farm.

Our History:

We have a long family tradition of farming in Ontario, Canada dating back to the early 1800’s when our ancestors migrated from United States after briefly settling there from Scotland.  Many different crops and livestock have been produced over the last nearly 200 years by the previous five generations, today we continue on as the sixth.  The diversity of our family experience in farming has enabled us to provide to others fruit, vegetables, meat, flowers and other specialty products derived from our production.  Now in the year 2020 we are changing our focus of what we produce, how we produce and where we produce products that our valued customers can use to sustain and improve their health.

Our gratitude for taking the time to learn about us.

M.J. Watson, 6th Generation Ontario Farmer

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