12 Weeks of Local food for $495.00, please review and contact us.

UPDATE APRIL 3rd, 2020 RE: Weekly CSA BOX
We thank every one who has contacted us regarding our weekly box. We have had many inquires and appreciate those who have submitted the online form below, please only send once as it will not prompt you to let you know it went thru.  You can follow up with a contact to our phone number at 905-237-2141 leave your name and state your phone number slowly and clearly please, we will return the call with the following day (we are now working frequently outdoors and messages will be checked at the noon hour and end of day).  We have the ability to have multiple pick up days and will be adjusting pick-up days based on participation, this will be communicated to the members in early May prior to our first distribution at the Vaughan home farm. We are currently focusing on a pick up model, but will be expanding the delivery option as their has been inquires.  Should any member or a members of their family demonstrate symptoms or you suspect, or have COVID19 diagnosis WE MUST BE INFORMED IMMEDIATELY BY EMAIL, TEXT MESSAGE OR BY PHONE MESSAGE, we will then convert your participation into a delivery situation to your porch or entrance of your building where possible, we will have a nominal charge ($5.00-$7.50/week added to your box cost). If you cannot pick up your box, we will allow for alternative arrangements but we must be informed in advance and have this confirmed back to you (we will be following strict onsite Biosecurity protocols and members will be aware of what we expect of them or those picking up on their behalf).  We will be implementing protocols that will include a numbered box system that is assigned to a member, we will ask that they properly clean and disinfect the container prior to return (we will do this again prior to any reuse, you will be getting your same container back) For those who have informed us of a COVID19 illness, we will not be doing a recycled container program, that will convert into a cardboard box/bag system as to eliminate any problems that reuse of containers may present to others. If and when we open the retail, we will not be operating the separate areas with the same staff, we will keep all CSA processes (packing, pickups, etc.) separate. We will continue to update via this website and Facebook. When we get to our capacity to properly service the members, we will make an update on this page.  The support we have received via Facebook, telephone conversations has been greatly appreciated, we are able to farm in 2020 because of the support by our community, friends, family and suppliers.
Stay Well, 
Sukyi and Michael
Michael’s cell 675018999


UPDATE March 28th, 2020

12 weeks for $495.00 of local food, please review and contact us.


We are doing what we can to farm and serve our community.


We are currently accepting members for our Weekly Box Program, also known as Community Supported Agriculture “CSA”, scroll down to view the details, we have made significant changes that we hope can enable those who wish to participate.


Our retail will remain closed for shopping until further notice, visit this website or Facebook @frontstepfarms page for updates.

Please do not visit the farm production sites before you call or email us, confirmation of an appointment is required. We will have no pick your own operations or farm tours happening for biosecurity reasons, we take this pandemic very seriously.

We are farmers, helping other farmers so that we can provide for our fellow citizens.

eat@frontstepfarms.com or 905-237-2141

Community Supported Agriculture “CSA”

This is what we are planning for $495.00 for the Weekly Box

The day of the week will be established based on membership volume.

• 12 weeks of mixed in season fruit, vegetables, herbs and other foraged foods as available. (reduced from 20 weeks, investment lowered by $405.00 and a lower weekly cost of $3.75).
• Paid by interact transfer, cheque or cash (receipts to be provided).
• 5-15 items depending what is seasonally available, a bell curve type availability.
• Two equal payments to be made on or before April 15st, 2020 and May 1st 2020.
• A discount of $25 can be deducted when paying in full before April 1st resulting in a price of $470.00.
• Delivery price is available at an additional cost, this will be determined based on demand.
• A commitment is required and acknowledge the program payments are non-refundable for any reason.
• Start date is anticipated to be as early as beginning of May based on what is available in Ontario.
• As more items are in season the amount received will increase, the first few weeks will have a limited offering just so you can know what to expect.
• We will as we have in the past also purchase from other Ontario farmers, our goal is to increase our production this year to mitigate any supply issues from others.
• No switching will be permitted, we will acknowledge if you do not wish certain items and make effort to replace with similar value products when possible.
• Your box will not be held past the cut off time to pick up unless special arrangements have been agreed upon.
• All food safety protocols and farm biosecurity rules will be required of members.

We have been providing this service for nearly seven years and have had enough feedback regarding diversity, volume and will create when possible smaller bunches of certain vegetables. We did preserve a number of products last year and in the early weeks of the program we will include some of them in the program.

We hope we can help you and sincerely appreciate the support to overcome many obstacles we know many other farmers are facing.

You can fill out the contact form below, email us directly to eat@frontstepfarms.com or call us at 905-237-2141 and leave a message please.

Thank you.

Sukyi and Michael
Front Step Farms, Inc.
Michael’s cell 6475018999

If you value dealing directly with farmers please contact us.

Our Mission:

Front Step Farms, Inc. to produce products in a viable way.

How We Grow:

We embrace cultural techniques that we can rely upon as farmers to be viable.  We employ traditional conventional farming, organic practices and pesticide free techniques.  We are not certified organic or make any claims to be, we will inform you of any methods used to produce products from our farm.

Our History:

We have a long family tradition of farming in Ontario, Canada dating back to the early 1800’s when our ancestors migrated from United States after briefly settling there from Scotland.  Many different crops and livestock have been produced over the last nearly 200 years by the previous five generations, today we continue on as the sixth.  The diversity of our family experience in farming has enabled us to provide to others fruit, vegetables, meat, flowers and other specialty products derived from our production.  Now in the year 2020 we are changing our focus of what we produce, how we produce and where we produce products that our valued customers can use to sustain and improve their health.

Our gratitude for taking the time to learn about us.

M.J. Watson 6th Generation Ontario Farmer


Located near Bathurst and Gamble. 11490 Bathurst St, Vaughan, On L6A1S2

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