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We are located at 11490 Bathurst Street, Maple (Vaughan) Ontario, L6A 1S2

On the southwest corner of Bathurst and Gamble, 4 stop lights south of King Road, 2 stop lights north of Elgin Mills Road.



With a history of conventional farming practices, Front Step Farms aims to make a conscious effort to adhere to and listen to community/customer demand with regards to our food production. Within this mindset, Front Step Farms is committed to growing food without the use of chemically derived pesticides, fertilizers, or genetically engineered input materials by 2025. We are always open to observations, constructive criticism, tips and comments. Reach out to us and we will try to establish a dialogue. The past 12 years of community supported agriculture has been both rewarding and challenging for Front Step Farms. The farm has had the pleasure of interacting with and learning from the communities in which it operates. The farm strives to better agricultural practices while maintaining the health and integrity of available farmland and future generations.  With much planning, networking and collaborative efforts, Front Step Farms is working towards the commencement of a new local food driven vision, and the conversations surrounding it.